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Learning Disabilities - The Basics
Learning disabilities may manifest themselves as significant difficulty in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, computational, and problem-solving skills needed by adults to function effectively as parents, employees, and citizens. People with learning disabilities are recognized as having a disability under federal law. This means that they are entitled to "reasonable accommodations" and certain other federally-supported services.

In providing the following resources, it is our goal to help as many people as possible understand the complexities of Learning Disabilities.

With support and intervention, children and adults with LD can be successful in learning and life.

Fast Facts Learning Disabilities Fast Facts
Learning Disabilities Specific Learning Disabilities explained
Acronyms Acronyms of words commonly encountered in Exceptional Education (Learning Disabled and Gifted)
Definitions Definitions of some of the Special Education "Buzzwords"
Diagnosis Coming Soon.  The diagnosis of learning disabilities
Treatment Coming Soon.  The treatment of learning disabilities
Training LDI Training Opportunities
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