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What is the problem?
  • When capable people, even the most talented or gifted, cannot learn through standard teaching methods, one or more "Learning Disabilities" exist. 
  • Millions of people have learning problems in reading, spelling, writing, mathematics, listening, communicating, thinking and focusing attention. 
If we are to meet the challenges of preventing and treating Learning Disabilities we must:
  • Have instructors thoroughly trained in diagnostic and successful multi-sensory methods. 
  • Have a cadre of Certified Master Trainers who know these methods and be available in every community and educational institution. 
  • Have educational leaders of vision who will support this "model for success." 
LDI was founded to help make solutions possible by providing:
  • Two 58 day sessions training and residency program to provide LDI Certified Master Trainers in diagnostics and multi-sensory systems and delivery approaches of known quality. 
  • Scholarships to children and adults who cannot afford the full cost of treatment. 
  • Public outreach to form relationships with educational leaders and institutions in every community. 
  • Follow-up Support/Consultations to the LDI Certified Master Trainers. 
  • An evaluation and research system to assure quality.
For your community to have the best training available for your children and other citizens, LDI needs your support.
Because we know you want the best, please help in whatever way you can.

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If you wish to volunteer your services or make a tax deductible contribution, using other means, you may contact us at:
LDI, Inc.  1201 Louisiana Ave.,   Winter Park, FL 32789  (866) 636-5341
All donations are greatly appreciated. Please make your tax-deductible check (in U.S. dollars) payable to, LDI, Inc. and mail to: 1201 Louisiana Ave. Suite B.
Winter Park, Florida 32789. The Learning Disability Institute (LDI, Inc.) has been approved by the State of Florida and the United States Department of Internal
Revenue to solicit contributions as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, publicly supported organization working with professionals, teachers, and parents, providing diagnosis,training, treatment and research in the field of Learning Disabilities.
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